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Is your localization process compliant with the new MDR and IVDR?

Our experienced team can assist achieve linguistic compliance under the new MDR and IVDR in all official EU languages!


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At NLG, we’re more than a language company. We’re more than a globalization company. We are your linguistics team. One that truly understands your industry, and can enable your business to expand into a multitude of new market sectors all across the globe.

As a boutique language service provider with global reach, we have the collaborative and personal approach that clients value, as well as the robust team and resources that industry leaders require. This balance between specialization and volume isn’t just our business—it’s our culture. It’s why for nearly two decades, Life Sciences companies of all sizes have trusted us to deliver their message accurately and efficiently. Your ideas have the ability to enhance, and even save lives. It’s time to share them with the world.

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Whether it’s technical documentation, labeling & packaging, medical research, regulatory documents, or internal corporate communication, you can count on NLG for all your Life Sciences localization needs. Use the indicators below to check out some of our services!

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Post-translation Review

At NLG, we know how crucial accuracy is to our clients’ success—especially in highly specialized industries such as Life Sciences. That’s why we support the post-translation review process with custom tools and outsourced subject matter expert resources. Third party linguistic assessments ensure that your content is understood.

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Regulatory Consulting

Our Regulatory Affairs experts in the medical device and pharma fields offer consulting for your localization strategy so that all content is compliant with international and local regulatory requirements. Through our collaboration with our partners around the world, we continually stay up-to-date on the latest regulatory developments.

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Risk Management

NLG’s disciplined utilization of ISO certified processes, tools and resources mitigate your risk throughout the content lifecycle—ensuring consistent, stable, and high-quality localization and service delivery. From working with leading companies throughout Life Sciences, we have developed a robust knowledge base of best practices to inform and employ for our clients.

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Software Localization

Software localization in Life Sciences has increasing relevance with various software being classified as medical devices. At NLG, we employ the latest industry tools and methods to efficiently handle your most challenging software projects—from product UIs and diagnostic tools, to websites and more. NLG can also provide full software testing and validation services.

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Content Strategy

From source content to multilingual delivery, NLG partners with you to establish the most efficient and effective workflows and processes. We optimize your investment in content by identifying critical channels, maximizing reuse, overcoming bottlenecks and establishing and maintaining meaningful quality criteria.

New EU Medical Devices and in-vitro Diagnostics Regulations

Is your localization process compliant with the new MDR and IVDR?

An effective regulatory strategy to comply with the new MDR and IVDR requirements includes a content translation, review and DTP process that provides lucidity and accuracy in all languages from the beginning. Guidance from a language service provider with strong experience in medical devices will be instrumental in planning and executing localization related activities and tasks successfully, avoiding bottlenecks and pitfalls. NLG is fully prepared to act as your Life Sciences compliance partner.

We invite you to discover how our team can assist achieve linguistic compliance under the new MDR and IVDR in all official EU languages.

We have a solid background on medical devices translations and can help you address the challenges of the DTP in line with the new UDI labeling requirements.

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